Negative effects of the columbian exchange essay

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What were the positive and negative effects of the Columbian exchange?

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Day 51 Today research and write about these two events, each in its own paragraph. Columbian Exchange I Can Statements I can describe the positive and negative effects of the Columbian Exchange. I can identify items that were exchanged between the Old World and New World.

I can identify how life colonization changed life for people living in the Old World and New World.

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The worst negative effect of the Columbian exchange was the disease which brought to the people of New World such as smallpox, measles, chicken pox, malaria, influenza, cholera and many others. Syphilis disease also passed to the Europeans.

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The Impacts of the Columbian Exchange Essay example Words 6 Pages The Columbian Exchange has been called the “greatest human intervention in nature.

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Nov 20,  · The primary negative effects of the Columbian Exchange were death, disease, and slavery. Positive effects included the incorporation of European methods of agriculture, and the introduction to the.

Effects of Columbian Exchange Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Effects of the Columbian Exchange It was the yearand a man by the name of Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain where he then landed in the present day Americas, sparking one of the most important events in the world, the Columbian exchange.

Negative effects of the columbian exchange essay
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