The life of hernando cortes

Once the army was reassembled and more captives taken, DeSoto led his army north to the Suwannee River's widest, low banked, crossing place at Lower Clay Landing, then across it and deeper into Florida's flatwoods, headed for Napituca.

When they got back to Navidad, they learned that all the Christians were dead: With extensive swamps on either side, the river flows around an island one mile below today's dam where DeSoto crossed it. They could be allowed to live under their own government but must pay feudal dues to Spain.

On his third voyage Ojeda was paired with the courtier Diego de Nicuesa. This island is now divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. El Requerimiento was formulated and was later proclaimed by conquistadors to justify their domination of natives.

Montezuma received him with great pomp, and his subjects, believing Cortes to be a descendant of the sun, prostrated themselves before him. Bernaldina de Porras Son: Even though the Pedrarias expedition had been limited to twelve hundred persons, they were too many for the food resources of Darien and those they had brought.

Use the links on the left to view all the U. Inca's informant also departed from Aute, but did so two days before the King's Agent, arriving at Sills the third day then gathered local food for the next three days.

The advance guard fought a pitched battle with Inca troops in front of the city, but the battle had ended before Pizarro arrived with the rest of the Spanish party.

Michele de Cuneo reported that in February Columbus captured 1, Tainos and put on ships, though died on the return passage.

According to Peter Martyr, 50, Tainos had already died before this from famine, because they destroyed their own crops to discourage the Spaniards from settling on the island.

This event undeceived the Mexicans, who had hitherto believed the Spaniards to be immortal, and necessarily altered the whole policy of Cortes. The proceedings of the investigation were kept secret.

Three Indian slaves also served with the crew. He claimed large parts of North America for Spain.

I Lived in A Spanish Village for 8 Months, and it Changed Me Forever.

Conquest of Mexico — Main article: After another attack from Zemaco, Balboa had a fortress built at Darien in The caciques agreed to this in order to avoid paying the hated tribute. On reaching the mouth of the Mississippi, they stayed close to the Gulf shore heading south and west.

“Burn the Ships!” – A Leadership Lesson from Cortés

Why do you keep them worn out and down-trodden, without feeding them or tending their illnesses, so that they die-or rather you kill them- by reason of the heavy labor you lay upon them, to get gold every day. He spoke several of the local tribes' languages and could communicate with Ortiz.

“Burn the Ships!” – A Leadership Lesson from Cortés

Indian resistance was intense. He tried to gain popularity by reducing the royal share of the gold from one-third to one-eleventh and by letting the Spaniards have their way with the natives. In April,I started adding a collection of almost 5, images concerning the American Civil War.

Hernando de Soto

Bernaldina de Porras Son: A royal response justifying the encomenderos was probably written by Bishop Fonseca. Velazquez was wise enough to have crops planted while they were washing for gold.

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Hernán Cortés

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The life of hernando cortes
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Spanish Conquest